What is a Panel Door?

The appearance of any home depends to a large extent on the door designs. For this reason, owners often seek advice from designers. More and more experts say that the panel door is a universal option for decorating the home.

It is worthwhile to search for offers in a convenient format. While the assortment of local stores is limited, the large online stores do not limit the choice. Here there are comfortable conditions for purchasing products with detailed descriptions. Despite this, the choice of door designs remains quite difficult. There are several types of most favorite doors on the market, which makes it necessary to take the decision seriously. Is it worth choosing a single panel door slab? It is possible to make a choice after getting to know the features of each type.

Types of paneled doors


Types of paneled doors

The great popularity of panel doors is due to the diversity of the model range. Homeowners get the opportunity to choose a design to their taste and highlight the created exterior. In your usual life, you probably had to meet with different options, and now it’s time to evaluate each type with regard to your preferences.

The meaning of panel doors varies depending on the selected type. Single-panel doors are suitable for a classic design. In other cases, it is worth taking into account the wishes of the owners and the peculiarities of the chosen color palette.

The selection of a suitable design is made with the help of specialists. The recommendations from professionals will help to decide on the door type and add some unique elements. Thanks to the variety of fittings, it is also possible to demonstrate an excellent taste and emphasize the individuality of the owners.

Single panel doors

It is easy to notice such paneled doors because their peculiarities are instantly evident. This category includes those designs that are distinguished by the presence of two uprights, as well as several rails (upper and lower). The panel can be recessed into the frame or retain its outlines with decorative elements.

Double panel doors

As the name suggests, this type of door features two panels. The dimensions of each can be either the same or different. The middle bar divides the door into two parts, which becomes an attractive feature. The size of the panels can also vary with each other, creating an optical illusion.

3 panel doors

The two middle rails (posts) are the hallmark of this door. Designers experiment with the design and often suggest letting some sunlight into the rooms. To this end, it is possible to use glass, which the transparency is individually chosen.

Types of paneled doors

4 panel doors

This design differs from other panel door types by having two sashes. The panels are arranged in two rows, and the sizes of the upper and lower parts are often different. The horizontal rail serves as a sort of space divider and attracts the attention of designers. If necessary, this part can be supplemented with decorative elements and stylish fittings.

6 panel doors

The peculiarity of this design is the presence of six panels of the same width. At the same time, the height of each of them can vary significantly. Horizontal and vertical rails also correspond to each other in width. The original exterior design does not require the use of rough fittings or decorations.


In the past, only wood was used to make panel doors, but today the choice of materials has significantly increased. Manufacturers are diligently expanding the model range to meet the demand. Designers also prefer to create unique exteriors, so they recommend taking a closer look at more than just classic options.

Not only the definition of paneled doors, but also explanations of the advantages of different materials can be found in the United Porte catalog of paneled doors. The following models of paneled doors are of particular interest to customers:

  • solid timber;
  • lightweight plywood;
  • joinery boards;
  • medium-density fiberboard (MDF);

You can choose the right material if you make a list of your requirements. For example, if it is a question of buying an entrance door, it is worth paying attention to durable materials (natural wood, laminated panels). Glass panels in this case are placed in the upper part.

It is not difficult finding interior panel doors. The range of models is diverse, so buyers have the opportunity to decide on the type of coating (matte, transparent), glass thickness and other characteristics. It is possible to get the necessary information from a consultant or by carefully studying the catalog.


Construction and home arrangement should be done according to the personal preference. It’s easy to make the right decision based on personal tastes and designer’s recommendations with easy access to the assortment. There won’t be any difficulties if a reliable store with a variety of offers has been chosen for shopping.

Erin Emanuel