What Type Of Mattress Should You Buy?


Spring Mattress


Most people buy spring mattresses because they are often comfortable, affordable and durable. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Actually these are mattresses that have a layer of springs or coils in a box and the number of spring determines the comfort. Some spring mattresses have the springs pocketed for more support and comfort. If compared with other types support to the back and good for heavy persons. Some owners complain that their mattress got sagged after a couple of years and it also accommodates dust mites. Available height is 6″-10″.

Foam Mattress

Next to spring mattress its comfortable memory foam. This type of mattress’s plus point is that it can align to the body shape and support spine and pressure points with the exact amount of resistance. Memory foam mattresses offer different ranges starting from super soft to firmer. Each type can be identified by a classification called as ILD (indentation load deflection). For most people ILD of 10-16 is recommended. Well, memory foam mattresses often costs much and it also lacks bounce or spring you could desire. Some owners complain that their mattress traps their body heat which results in a hot bed. However, for those people suffering from body pains especially backache it offers good support as these mattresses have high resiliency. Available in king, full size, twin and queen sizes.

Latex Mattress


Latex is a product of rubber tree sap provided by Mother Nature herself. For years, only the spring mattress type had held the heavy persons using extra firm coils and padding that makes it awful to sleep on. Well, now the best mattress for heavy people is latex mattress because it is bendable like memory foam and offers improved alignment support if compared with spring mattress types. Actually it is the combination of bouncy feel provided by spring types and firmness of memory foam types. So, if compared with others latex mattresses can be the best to buy. It is a hypo-allergenic product so suitable for people with allergies. The only disadvantage of such mattress type is its price and it often costs a lot. Except the high price, latex mattress is bouncy, firm and more durable than other types which are desired in a mattress.

Water Mattress

Waterbed mattress is a large vinyl sack full of water. The owner can heat the water to provide desired comfort in winter. The mattresses hugs each curve of the body and help the muscles to get relaxed. Except the possible leaking this type of mattress is comfortable, durable and available in all sizes. The advantage of waterbed mattress is that these mattresses are often cheap to buy.

Air Mattress

Air mattress is almost the same as water mattress except the water inside. Such mattresses are not that popular as people don’t want to take chances by spending their money on a mattress that probably won’t last long. But in some cases, air mattresses can be useful.

Depending on your needs, information above may be useful while choosing and buying the best mattress. Get the mattress that has at least 30 day in-home trial offer because it takes time to break in and feel how the mattress is going to perform in the future.

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Erin Emanuel


  1. I am a huge fan of foam mattresses, because they are so comfortable! I deal with a lot of lower back pain and this type of mattress really helps to support my spine. I don’t know why anyone could ever have an issue with this type. However, if they feel that their body heat is being trapped, then they probably need to switch up their ILD, because extra firmness will help with that.

  2. I am moving into a new apartment next month and I want to buy a new mattress to add to the excitement. It’s only me that will live in the apartment so I think a simple spring mattress would be enough. I actually like the extra support. Thanks for sharing!

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