What you should consider while you are making a repair in the apartment

Repair and redevelopment of an apartment is a troublesome and costly affair in itself. And not everyone can afford to hire a designer. Often you have to do everything yourself, but, of course, in this case, the layman is not immune to mistakes.

Owners of a small area often tend to divide it into small rooms with blank walls, which is a big mistake.

apartment-repairIn small spaces, it is better to combine more rooms to the maximum, but to zone them with some kind of lightweight structures, for example, glass partitions or furniture. It is also better to combine the areas of the kitchen-living-dining room into one single, rather than dividing them into small chamber rooms.

Another common mistake that owners of small spaces make is the use of different finishing materials, many decorative elements, and small details in interior design. You need to be very careful with this in small spaces. It is best to use an alternative one or two finishing materials over the entire area of ​​the apartment – this will help to visually unite and enlarge space. And as an accent, you can highlight one wall with decorative plaster or other material.

Also, you do not need to try to place as much furniture as possible in the apartment, this leads to the cluttering of the space. It is best to act rationally and thoughtfully here. You need to choose furniture based on its functionality.

apartment-repair-2Think in advance how you will spend time in your apartment and how each piece of furniture will be used. Based on this, select the minimum amount of certain furniture that will combine all the necessary functionality.

Placing freestanding cabinets in small spaces is another common interior design mistake. Such cabinets only interfere and clutter up space. An excellent solution for the visual expansion of space will be built-in wardrobes, which will be perceived as a single wall, and not as separate pieces of furniture.

Another mistake in self-repair is the wrong choice of finishing materials. For example, there are many types of flooring on the market, most of which will not be suitable for a particular room. For example, in a small kitchen, large marble-like floor tiles will look strange. With this type of piles, the kitchen can become like a mausoleum.

Many design mistakes are associated not only with the renovation but also with the redevelopment of the apartment. For example, joining a balcony to a room is not a good idea, since most likely you will encounter water leaks and severe cold, no matter how you insulate this space. But the loggia can be attached to the room. But it is better not to bring water radiators here – it is recommended to use only electric ones, as well as underfloor heating in apartments (it is prohibited to use water).

According to experts, people often demolish mines in the kitchen and install refrigerators instead, which is absolutely forbidden. In this case, the ventilation of the entire multi-apartment riser is disrupted. Also, do not increase or transfer wet areas of bathrooms at the expense of living rooms. Remember that people live under you, and in the event of a leak, the water will not flow through the mines, as expected.

Erin Emanuel