[Infographic] Why Choose a Balanced Flue Fire

Whilst chimneys were a popular addition in homes built before 1900, most modern homes constructed within the past 40 years do not feature one. As such, innovative technology – such as balanced flue fires – have been developed so homes without a chimney can enjoy a fully functional fireplace.

What is a balanced gas flue fire? 

As one of the main fireplace options for homes without a chimney, the high heat output of balanced gas flue fires can instantly heat up rooms of any size with the simple turn of a knob. Other benefits of balanced gas flue fires include:

  • Quiet operation
  • Versatile design
  • Exceptional efficiency
  • Low running costs
  • Choice of outset, inset or hole-in-the-wall designs

How will I know which style and size to choose?

Depending on your heating requirements and the decor in your home, there are a wide range of style options available:

  • Widescreen Letterbox
  • Two-sided Corner Models
  • Three-sided Panoramic Models
  • See-through Tunnel Models
  • Freestanding Stove-style Models
  • Hanging Fires

Whether you choose a traditional outset fireplace or a contemporary hole-in-the-wall design, all that is required for the installation of this room-sealed gas appliance is an outside wall for the flue.

Prior to choosing a specific size of balanced flue fire, you will need to check the heat output required for your room size. That way, you can rest assured knowing that the fireplace will fit with the heating and sizing requirements of the room.


To learn more about the requirements, benefits and installation process for balanced gas flue fires, take a look at the Fireplace for Homes without a Chimney infographic from The Fireplace Studio.

Erin Emanuel