Why choose PVC floor tiles for your Home.

Deciding on a new floor for your home is never an easy process.  With so many options on the market it is easy to get confused when deciding on the best flooring solution for your home.  Furniture and fittings in your home may change in time but your floor is something that will remain for a long period of time and as a result you will want to make the right choice first time round.  When it comes to deciding on your floor, home owners will often ignore PVC flooring and focus on flooring that is perceived to be more luxurious such as hardwood or stone and ceramic tiles.  A lot of homeowners will also make a decision based on the impact to their bank balance and opt for cheap linoleum, vinyl or laminate flooring only to start pulling it up in a few years later due to damage.  The key to picking the perfect floor for your home is finding that perfect balance between luxury and price.  This balance can be found in three simple letters – PVC.

So what makes PVC flooring a great choice for your home? 

PVC flooring can be used in any room in your home including your garage, gym or even your home office.  The main benefits to choosing PVC flooring for your home are as follows:

Easy to install:

The great thing about PVC tiles is their ease of installation.  PVC tiles come in an easy to assemble interlocking structure meaning you simply click each tile into place to install.  This makes PVC tiles a great choice for any DIY enthusiasts out there.  They require very little preparation and with the simple tap of a rubber mallet you could have your dream floor in no time.  PVC tiles are also easy to replace if you decide to remove them in the future.


Easy to maintain:

A clean floor always makes a great first impression to visitors and for those households with pets or young children, keeping your floor clean and tidy is often a challenging job.  PVC tiles can help take some of the stress away from cleaning your floor as they wipe clean easily.  If you are looking for a floor that doesn’t stain easily then PVC tiles could be just what you are looking for.  Some spills can stain or damage flooring but PVC tiles are easy to wipe clean meaning they will look and feel like new long after they are installed.


PVC tiles are a very resilient product.  We have all experienced problems with flooring in the past, whether it is the carpet tearing or staining; wooden floors warping when in contact with water or your stone and ceramic tiles chipping or cracking when something heavy is dropped on them.  The resilience of PVC tiles to water and other chemicals means they won’t be damaged with spillages.  Any spillages are also easy to clean up meaning you will no longer have to worry about those red wine or marker stains that manage to find their way to your floor.  The soft, cushioned finish of PVC floor tiles also means you can stop worrying about damaging your floor due to the impact of something heavy being dropped on it.


When it comes to deciding on the right floor for your home you will want a floor that will last for a long time and be able to withstand the general wear and tear that a floor has to put up with on a daily basis.  The chlorine used in the production of PVC floor tiles makes them highly resistant to oxidation allowing them to maintain their performance for a long period of time.  PVC tiles can also be used in your garage as a great choice for flooring.  They can withstand the heavy weight of vehicles and due to ease of maintenance, any oil or fuel spills can be easily cleaned up reducing the risk of your garage floor staining.

Garage Floor Studded 2


Something that we tend to forget about when picking a floor for our home is how comfortable it will be to walk on.  You can often be more distracted by how it looks than thinking about how practical and comfortable it is.  PVC tiles provide a great source of comfort when it comes to choosing your flooring as they are soft and warm underfoot allowing you to enjoy that feeling of walking around your home in your bare feet even more.  PVC tiles also come with a studded or textured anti-slip finish providing extra protection to spillages.  This makes PVC tiles an ideal floor choice for your bathroom, shower room or utility room.

Colour – Finally, PVC tiles are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, allowing you to get a colour that works with any room in your home.  Choose a colour that complements your fixtures, furniture and surrounding walls.  A coloured floor can also bring your rooms to life and make a real statement.

Homestyle Beige

Your floor is a big part of your home so be sure to take time and consider what you need from your floor and how PVC floor tiles can help meet these requirements.

About the Author:  Nial Toner is a DIY enthusiast and a content writer for Flexi-Tile, a PVC flooring specialist from the UK.

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  2. I think the only place you would possible use them would be the garage! I’de prefer a complete covering like vinyl or lino (without the asbestos of course). The idea of joins in the covering does not appeal to me.

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