Perfecting a dream nursery might have you thinking that you need to pull out all the stops. But that’s not the case. Thanks to the continuous reinvention of wallpaper, we now have tons of textures, patterns, and colors to use in nurseries. We no longer need to resort to paintwork to achieve a picture-perfect nursery. Are you curious why so many people are leaning towards wallpaper? We give you some insights to help you understand this craze better:



The Benefits of Using Wallpaper in a Nursery

What does wallpaper do?

  • It adds color to the space, which influences the mood in the room. E.g., using green colors inspires feelings of calmness and makes it easier to calm a fussy baby.
  • It creates texture that infuses depth into a room, giving it character and taking away its blandness.
  • It gives the room personality. When you walk into a room with wall wallpaper, you can tell which way the designer was leaning. Maybe they wanted to evoke feelings of confidence, or awe, or sheer joy. You can achieve this by installing wallpaper in a room.

These are all benefits you want to infuse in a child’s nursery. It’s especially so with removable nursery wallpaperswhich boast of:

An Easy Installation Process

If you’ve ever handled installing traditional wallpaper, you know that it takes a lot of work. One wrong move will make you frustrated as you figure out how to get rid of the paste and start all over. But with temporary wallpaper, you don’t need to deal with paste on the side. Instead, you peel off the paper from its backing and apply it to the target wall. Just like that, you can transform the space. Even beginner DIY-ers can hack these simple steps. Also, removing the wallpaper is as easy as installing it. You peel the paper off the wall, and it comes off without damaging the wall. Think of how much you’d enjoy hanging this paper in your nursery.

A Ton of Designs

You’re not limited to one design when working with wallpaper. Instead, you can choose from a range of options, including plain, botanical, geometric, striped, patterned, and textured options. You can even go with murals that work great as accent walls. Also, as people move away from gender-specific colors, wallpapers have been a lifesaver. You can find something that speaks to your child’s individuality without imposing expectations on them. Did we mention that executing these designs takes only a matter of minutes? All you need is to decide on a style that matches your theme and stick it on the wall. You can be as creative as you like.


Your baby will be lying on their back one minute, and the next, they have moved on to another stage of life where they spend more time outside the crib. At around this time, their personality will start to show. They will start asking for or responding to different themes other than those you originally had in the nursery. When this happens, you have no option other than to work with their wants and needs. It’s wonderful to watch your kids grow into themselves, but it can also be an expensive venture if you need to keep changing the themes. That’s the beauty of wallpaper. You can peel it off the walls and install their new favorite colors or characters without breaking the bank. If your kids are big enough, they can even help with the installation!

A Journey Through Creativity

Kids respond to their environments and will act based on how safe they feel in a space. That’s why playrooms are often filled with colorful items to hold their attention just enough to get them interested. You can do the same thing at home with removable wallpaper. Once you stick it on the wall, it transports the child to another space. Changing the wallpaper enables your child to experience different scenarios which would not be possible with paintjobs. For example, you can install a jungle-inspired paper one week, and the next, you can install one that leans on sea life. You can even use this wallpaper for kids’ parties.

It’s Safe for Walls

While painting often looks like a good option, it’s not the best one. For one, painting a wall does not protect it from structural damage. So, each time you need to paint a wall, you must prep it and repair any cracks. It racks up the costs and makes the work harder than it should be. But wallpapers are different. They protect the walls by creating a barrier between external forces and the walls. The result? – the walls remain clean and undamaged. Even when you take off the wallpaper, the walls look as good as new. Given that temporary wallpaper does not use any adhesives, you don’t need to clean up the walls once you take it down.

Easy to Clean

You always want your child to be in a safe and clean space. What better way to ensure this than investing in a protective material that ensures that no dirt and impurities remain on the surface for too long? It’s easy to keep the wallpaper clean by wiping it with a sponge and some soap water. That’s all you’ll need, which is much less work compared to wiping down painted walls. It gives you more time to rest or spend with your baby.

Lack of Toxic Substances

We know that some paints contain toxic fumes that release into the space long after the paintwork is over. That’s not the case with temporary wallpaper. The self-adhesive on the paper is completely harmless, and you don’t need to worry that harm will come to your child.


As much as you will probably change up the nursery in a few years, it helps to note that the wallpaper can last as many as 15 years. So, you can choose a theme that can work for your child through ages 0-10 before they finally speak out about wanting a change. It should save you some coins.

Can you now see why wallpaper is a popular décor option?

Erin Emanuel