Why You Should Use a Dual Fuel Generator

Portable generator units can be invaluable for all kinds of uses, whether you are getting a generator for home or to use while out camping. However, there are so many different generators out there that it can be hard to find one that suits your needs, especially if you are working under strict limits.

Dual Fuel Generator

Dual fuel generators have some key uses that other gas generators and portable solar panels can’t offer – but why should you use them, and what makes them special?

What is a dual fuel generator?

Dual fuel generators can use two different types of fuel at the same time, which usually means natural gas and diesel. They can either be used individually or mixed together, although the generators sometimes have specific ways that they need to be used.

Dual fuel means that you often need two fuel types to run the generator properly but can still keep it stocked up with two different fuels that a normal generator would not be able to use in the same way.

These diesel and gas generators have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, but they can often be an excellent choice for getting backup power or keeping your RV battery charged up. Many people use them as a portable power station, and there are some good reasons for them.

Lower Pollution

The mixed fuel used in these generators creates a lower level of emissions compared to normal gas generators. While they are not as pollution-free as solar generator systems, they also work at any time of the day, in contrast to portable solar panels.

Even if you do not care that much about the environment, having a good low-emission power station can be important in smaller spaces or cramped RV parks. Even when you have one for home use, it can help avoid spewing pollution into your home through an open window nearby.

With a portable generator, this can be important since many people will end up using them in confined spaces. Indoor generator use is never a safe thing to do, but you still want lower emissions when your generator is near spaces that might let the fumes linger for a short while.

Fuel Availability

Since these generators can use two sources of fuel, they are also able to get fuel from two different sources. Since gas is less expensive than diesel, it can be cheaper than running an all-diesel generator, and the cleaner burn also reduces the amount of maintenance you will have to do.

This makes them a good option for dealing with power outages or any power failure situation since you will get more efficient use out of diesel when it is complemented by natural gas. In extreme situations, you will also find it easier to get hold of natural gas, meaning that you will have an easier time scrounging up more to fuel the generator.

If you want to know more about what dual fuel generators can offer and why they are so useful, then a site like Best of Machinery is a great place to turn. Not only can you learn a lot more about what they are, but you can find some great examples of dual fuel generators on the market right now.

Erin Emanuel