Window Decisions for Your House Build

There are so many decisions to think through when you are involved in a house build. While it is a really exciting time, it can also become a very stressful period, especially if you aren’t organized. If you haven’t thought through certain aspects of the house build before the issues arise, it can cause you increased pressure and that can in turn affect your decision making.

The best thing to do is to sit down before you begin the design meeting with your architect and write a list of what is really important to you in terms of your prospective home. You should list these in order or what is of highest importance and so that will then heavily influence your budget i.e. you will know where to divert bigger chunks of your budget.

Window decisions are hugely important because not only will they assist in the insulation and ventilation of the home but they also play a huge part in how the house looks from both the outside and the inside. From the outside, they can make an impression on the house aesthetics and can even create a specific theme. For example, if you wish to portray the house with a vintage theme, you can incorporate windows that have this kind of ‘look’.

This info-graphic from Half Price Shutters in Australia highlights what you should be contemplating for your window choices…and there are a number of decisions to be made! You will also need to think about the materials that make up the windows and this has an influence on budget of course!


Erin Emanuel