Add elegance to your home with wing back chair

Does your living room look dull with those old wooden chairs? Are you planning to buy something majesty and fashionable? Then wing back chair would be an ideal buy for you. Earlier, these chairs were not affordable by common people. But nowadays, the chairs which were meant for queens, kings and other wealthy people displaying are available to people at economical prices. Feel like a King or Queen by sitting on a scroll wing chair.



The royal chair can be traced back in 1600s in England. That time it was used near fireplaces where the entire family would cosy up during winters. In 1720, these chairs became popular and its design and style had shown improvements hence forth. Then during 18th century, upholstery was added to it, making it more comfortable and cosy. It was then towards the 19th century when horsehair padding was added making it extremely comfortable and ideal choice for relaxation.

The purpose of wing chairs is different for different people. Some think, it is for old people, who like to sit with cigar pipe in their hand, thinking about their young days or bragging their adventurous real life stories with their grandchildren.  Fr others, it is a symbol of royalty used mainly by big business tycoons, money lenders and other rich people. But, it has become a very an important piece of furniture, found in homes, hotels, libraries, clubs and many other places. Wing chairs are available in large variety differentiating on the basis of fabric, material and color. Choose the one that blends perfectly with your furnishings. Add a spark to your living room, study with this royal chair.

The modern day manufacturers have enhanced the look of the wing chairs by adding upholstery to it to provide extra comfort to its owners. You can buy its slipcovers to protect it from dust, stains and patches. These slipcovers come in varied colors, sizes and design. These give new look to your existing chair.

A wing-shaped side of the chair is ideal for resting heads. Others, who are very particular about the interior of their homes, would find the chair very elegant when kept besides the fireplace. These chairs are great for knocking off your tiredness. Whether, you are furnishing your new home or want something extra for your already existing living room, you simply would not be able to ignore the elegance and beauty of wing-back chairs.

Nowadays, wing chairs have become immensely popular due to their elegant and contemporary design perfectly blended with modern fabrics with subtle pattern and thick weaved materials. Read the article to know how they can enhance the charm of your living room.


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John Sharin is an affluent writer having keen interest in interior designing. He strongly recommends Scroll Wing Chair for your home, offices to utmost style and comfort.

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