5 Ways to Help Keep Your Home Pest Free this Winter

Dropping temperatures and wet weather signal to pests that it is time to find shelter and prepare for winter. This unfortunately means that many homes will become overrun with unwanted insects and rodents which can lead to a variety of health and safety issues. They will get into your food and potentially tear up and ruin your furniture. Before you know it, these pests will have your home overrun and left in ruin. You don’t want to just sit by and let this happen. Here are five easy ways to secure your home and steer clear of an infestation during the colder months of the year.

pest free home

1. Double-Check Downspouts and Rain Gutters

Infestations often occur because insects and other critters have found a place nest near a good source of water. For those that don’t clear out their rain gutters and ensure their downspouts are directing water away from the home, they may be creating an ideal environment for an invasion of pests.

2. Store Trashcans Away from the Home

The closer that filled trashcans are to your home, the more likely it will be that animals will move from this supply of food into the warmth of the home. All trash cans should be kept as far away from the home as possible with lids securely shut or locked into place.

3. Replace Worn Weather Stripping

The average mouse can squeeze through a crack or hole as small as a quarter of an inch wide. At least once or twice a year homeowners should thoroughly inspect the inside and outside of their home and replace cracked weather stripping and caulk any openings that could be used as an access point by insects or rodents.

4. Contact a Specialist

The average homeowner can do quite a bit to prevent an infestation, but professional pest control services like ICE Pest Control and Wildlife Removal will help shore up any problematic areas on one’s property. From setting up a chemical barrier to identifying potential nesting locations, a trained eye can catch things that many residents may not notice.

5. Sealing Windows and Vents

One of the most important winter maintenance tasks is to check the insulation of a home in order to keep heating bills to a minimum. This has an added benefit of also closing up any openings that animals can use to enter into a home. Vents that are not being used should be sealed off, screens should be checked for damage, and owners should consider installing storm windows for added protection.

The bottom line is that having any kind of unwanted pests come into your home is not fun. An infestation can do tremendous damage to a home during the winter, but removing their options for food and shelter may be all that is needed to keep insects and rodents off of your property. Though there are many other ways to prevent and eliminate pests, keeping these five suggestions above in mind will go a long way in protecting your home from these unwanted invaders this winter.

Erin Emanuel