Is the modern day wood-burning stove becoming a fashion item?

While there is no doubt that the wood-burning stove market in the UK, and indeed around the world, has increased dramatically over the last decade, much of this was originally put down to the ever-growing cost of living. Households around the world saw electric, gas and other utility bills increasing year-on-year and many decided to do something about it. As the historic price difference between running a wood-burning stove and traditional utility bills has reduced significantly, are modern-day wood-burning stoves becoming something of a fashion item as well?

wood-burning stove

There are a number of reasons why sales of wood-burning stoves have grown over the last decade which we will cover below.

Improved technology

Even though the look and feel of a modern day wood-burning stove is very similar to that of years gone by, there has been an enormous improvement in technology. The fact that this new technology has been introduced without making stoves more bulky and cumbersome is a reflection of the ongoing work behind the scenes. The modern day wood-burning stove is more efficient, offers greater output levels while also maintaining that old world feel which many people enjoy.

It is also worth noting there is an enormous array of different wood-burning stoves today, some with a contemporary look, some with a traditional look and others offering something of a mix of the two. The time when wood-burning stoves were literally placed in the corner and forgotten about have long gone because the products of today are very much central to the layout of any room and often a focal point of social discussions.

Don’t underestimate the ambience

To fully appreciate the ambience which a wood-burning stove brings to your property you really need to speak to people in the industry and those who have wood-burning stoves. The heat which is produced is different from traditional coal fires, gas heaters and electric radiators. This is a heat which hits you as soon as you walk into a room, this is a deep-seated warmth and there is nothing better than kicking off your shoes, laying back and relaxing after a hard day at the office.

These products can literally change the look and feel of any home in an instant, they can change the atmosphere and the ambience and take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life as you lay back and enjoy the heat.

Maintenance is the key

There are a number of very simple procedures you can carry out a regular basis which will ensure that your wood-burning stove remains clean, highly efficient and continues to radiate a deep warming heat. The devices of today are more user-friendly than there historic counterparts, they are much easier to fit and thankfully the introduction of new rules and regulations ensures that safety is always paramount.

When you take a look at the modern day wood-burning stove, the technology contained within the outer shell and the efficiency levels now available, it is not difficult to see why they are gaining in popularity. True, wood-burning stoves may well have become something of a fashion item but the underlying strength is the fact that they are highly efficient and radiate a very different and a very deep seated heat.

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Erin Emanuel