Everything You Want to Identify about Wood Fired Ovens

A lot of people do not buy wood fired ovens because they have no idea of what to do with it. A lot of other people are mistaken into thinking that these ovens are meant only for baking a pizza. However, that is far from the truth and these ovens are actually capable of numerous other things. You can prepare the following items on a wood fired oven –

  • Breads
  • Vegetables
  • Stew

commercial wood fired oven


It’s all about the flavor

At the very outset, remember that cooking on fire will make your pizza or anything else you are baking taste different. The flavor that the fire brings out is quite different from the regular flavors and one must admit that it is quite amazing too. It makes the food much more tender and fun to eat. Moreover, when cooking on a wood fired oven, you have no choice but to take it slow while you connect with nature. Also, it is a lot of fun if you and your entire family gather outdoors to have food on a wood fired oven. It is going to be one of those super fun outings.

The smell of travel

Not too many people are into the idea of buying a wood fired oven. It is an authentic luxury that the general masses either don’t know about or simply don’t enjoy. However, if you are one of those rare individuals who have experienced wood fire cooking, you would know that it has a magical flavor. It is in fact a once in a lifetime experience. Moreover, it isn’t necessary that a wood fired oven has to be meant for residential use specifically. One could make use of it for commercial purposes as well. Hence, if you are into the hospitality business, you may want to take a look at this oven.

wood fired oven

Commercial Wood Fired Ovens are Different

Ovens meant for commercial purposes are a bit different from the regular ones. Hence, opening a restaurant that specializes in wood-fire cooking or having a menu that specializes in wood-fire is going to take you places. Not only will the smell of your food attract a large number of customers, but the taste will also be able to match up to the awesomeness of the smell. Hence, wood fired ovens are the thing to get. Moreover, these are going to come at a very low price owing to the fact that you don’t have to pay gas bills or consume a lot of exhaustible energy. All you need is a piece of wood and fire. You can get it moving entirely based on those two things, i.e. a fire and wood. That’s all! For example, if you are using it for around 8-10 hours, it will only cost you 15-20 pounds. This is extremely effective cost cutting and these ovens can be operated in areas that are smoke controlled. Hence, they don’t pose a problem at all.

A Food Lover’s Heaven

Also, if you do not stay in a smoke controlled area or own a restaurant where smoke control isn’t possible, then you can do the same thing on a gas fired oven. These ovens are used by a large number of swanky eateries owing to the flavors of the food cooked in them. They are beyond tasty; they are simply yummy! It isn’t for nothing that all foodies are in love with the wood fired oven. It provides them with some delicious and scrumptious food. Of course, anyone in love with good food would love the wood fired oven!

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Erin Emanuel