Why Wooden Kitchens Are Such A Popular Choice

A well-designed, great quality kitchen with its distinct charm and character is an incredibly appealing feature for any property. Wood has continued to be the most popular choice for decades because it is such a versatile material that is not only robust and durable, but looks great too!

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Despite the fact that there are so many alternative materials to choose from, wood is a wonderful material to use in the kitchen due to the many advantages it offers.

Regardless of what style of kitchen appeals to you most, be it, cottage, shaker or a more contemporary looking design, wood is a fantastic investment for anyone who is looking for a beautiful, long lasting kitchen.


Looks are not everything, but if we are honest with ourselves, the appearance of a new kitchen has a tendency to take over our thoughts a little when we are in the process of shopping around for and planning a new kitchen. The way a kitchen functions is certainly just as important as the way it looks but everyone wants their kitchen to look absolutely stunning!

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Wooden cabinets offer a timeless quality to any space and as a material, wood allows itself to be adapted, shaped and curved to create a broad variety of unique styles and looks.


The majority of solid wood kitchens are constructed using pine for the carcass and a variety of different hardwoods on the ‘face’, i.e. the drawer fronts and doors. Pippy oak, Cherry, Walnut and Maple are amongst the many options to choose from.

More traditional styled kitchens tend to have a sealed wood finish to create a farmhouse or country theme using the warm appearance of the wood. In recent years many homeowners have chosen to paint their wooden cabinets to create a more modern and contemporary look, sometimes featuring the wood in a few key areas to create contrast and a more individual look.

Curved cabinets and curved wooden doors are a popular choice for improving the ergonomics of the room and as a solution to make doors and awkward areas more accessible.


The fact that a kitchen is such a well used and lived in space, means that it must be resistant to general wear and tear, if it is to remain looking fresh and last for a substantial number of years before it needs to be refreshed or updated.

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When you consider the size of the investment that is required to fit a decent quality kitchen, it makes sense to opt for a material that is not just highly resistant, but also lends itself to being refinished and repaired when the time comes without much expense or difficulty.

A well built wooden table or chest of drawers could be handed down through a number of generations and remain looking fantastic. One owner may decide to reseal it, whilst another may decide to update it by painting it. Over the years that same piece of furniture may be adapted to suit many looks and styles.

A well constructed wooden kitchen is no different to that piece of furniture. Knocks can be sanded out, damage repaired and the look of the cabinets can be altered and adapted as required.

Wood is naturally resistant to humidity and moisture; especially once it has been finished and sealed, which is a great advantage in a kitchen.

The Enduring Popularity Of Wooden Kitchens

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Stylish, versatile and robust, wood continues to be such a popular choice with homeowners because it is natural and it works! When compared to some of the alternatives such as some of the inferior quality particle boards that are used, the benefits are clear.

A good quality wooden kitchen is a pleasure to be in and use and will last for many, many years to come.


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Felix Marsh is a member of the team at George Robinson Kitchens. They are a UK based company who have been involved in the design and production of Kitchen Furniture for over 20 years. George Robinson Kitchens are the natural choice in helping you plan and create your beautiful and functional Living Environment.

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