8 Types of Worktop materials to enhance kitchen décor

When it comes to your kitchen décor and its overall look and feel, worktops play a prominent role. An integral part of any kitchen, worktops enjoy not only maximum visibility but also high usage. The worktops in your kitchen have to undergo daily wear and tear, heavy impact, and constant contact with heat, water, oil and moisture. In the absence of a quality worktop, there will also be high chances of bacterial growth. So, it is always advisable to invest in durable and quality kitchen worktops.

There are plenty of worktop options available in London to help you achieve your kitchen décor that complements your lifestyle, your taste, functional requirements and most importantly your budget. Ranging from quartz worktops, granite worktops, and marble worktops to laminate worktops, there is no dearth of worktop variants in London marketplace.

The major types of worktops can be categorized into stone, laminate, ceramic, glass, solid wood and stainless steel. Of all these, stone worktops are more popular as these are practical, highly durable and also aesthetically stunning. There are a number of stone suppliers in London offering a wide array of options in quartz, granite, and marble work surfaces.

This post brings you 8 most sought after worktop types in London that are used to enhance kitchen décor:

Quartz Worktops in London

Made of silicon and oxygen, quartz is an ideal choice for kitchen worktops owing to its great finesse, strength and magnificence. Quartz worktops are not only extremely durable but also require very low maintenance. Because of their non-porous properties, there is no need for any polish and/or seal quartz work surfaces. What makes quartz even more suitable for kitchen worktops is their resistance to mold, mildew, scratch, stain and even cracks. Anything else? These are available in a range of colors to suit every kitchen style. So, if you are looking to add that class and opulence to your kitchen, a quartz worktop would be a great choice.


Compac quartz worktops, Silestone quartz worktops and Diresco quartz worktops are very popular in London because of their high quality, longevity and excellent finesse and craftsmanship.

Granite Worktops in London

Granite is always regarded as nature’s gift to create spectacular man-made marvels. Its aesthetic appeal and elegance comes from the beautiful stone crystals ingrained in it. The vast availability and durability of this stone also make it a highly popular choice for kitchen worktops and other work surfaces. Once installed, a granite worktop lasts for decades with all its glory. It does not require frequent polish or shine. It is regarded as a great value for money.


Another aspect that makes granite work surfaces an ideal choice is the range of patterns and colors available in them. There are a wide range of options to match with your overall kitchen décor.

One thing that must be considered if you have chosen a granite worktop is the installation. It is extremely important to handle the granite with great care while installing it. This is the reason why you must seek professional help from experts in this field.

Natural Marble Worktops in London

Natural marble is an abundantly found re-crystallized rock on our planet. Its versatility as an architectural and building rock lies in its naturally occurring patterns, textures, colors, and shades. No wonder, our history is full of some great architectural feats achieved using natural marble.


A marble worktop adds that soothing aura around your kitchen and pleases your eyes and that of your guests with its timeless beauty. A marble work surface is highly resistant to wear and tear and also fairly resistant to stains and scratches although in time, any scratches and/or stains create a unique patina to each marble worktop. In addition, you get plenty of options to choose from. For instance, calacatta marble worktops, carrara marble worktops, Statuario marble worktops, Negro Marquina marble and hundreds of others variants of marble worktops are very famous among households in London.

Engineered Marble Worktops in London

Some leading companies also manufacture specially engineered marbles to offer a host of outstanding technical features that may not be available in natural stones and rocks. These engineered marbles are typically made using a mixture of natural marbles, calcareous minerals, pigments and resins.


Engineered marble kitchen worktops are resistant to fire, day-to-day damage, and heavy impact, are highly durable and easy to clean, and allow minimal water absorption. These are available in a comprehensive range of exceptionally beautiful colors, textures and patterns giving you enough options to identify the one that goes with your taste and functional requirements.

Not all manufacturers produce engineered marble although to name a few, Compac marble and Quarella marble are among the most popular materials with these characteristics.

Limestone Kitchen Worktops in London

Limestone is a soft stone that can be easily shaped and cut to use in different architectural designs and buildings. Limestone is formed naturally due to deposition of the remains of marine animals over thousands of years. Fibrous in texture, these are typically available in white, cream and off-white. Travertine is a kind of limestone that is also available in gold and slightly reddish hues.


Owing to their classy and elegant look and resistance to heat, many homeowners choose ` for their kitchens. These worktops need polishing for a smoother texture. In addition, limestone is more porous when compared to other stones and is also likely to get stained easily because of their lighter color shades. As a result, limestone worktops require sealing using water-based sealants at least once every year and also need to be cleaned quite often with mild alkaline based products.

Onyx Kitchen Worktops in London

If you are looking for a glassy finish that exudes elegance and class for your kitchen worktop, onyx could be an ideal choice. Composed of silica and quartz, onyx is a semi-precious stone that is hugely popular in interior design for its aesthetic appeal. In most cases, these are used to create the centre of attraction in any environment – be it your home or restaurant or front office or bar. Onyx is also very popular for back lit applications such as bar tops or wall cladding in reception desks or steam rooms where stone makes a focal point.


The best thing about these stunning worktops is that these are available naturally in an endless number of colours ranging from whites to different other color shades – blue, green, yellow, rose, gold, cream and many more. Also, these stones consist of unique patterns that you may not find easily in other stones. However, it must also be remembered that onyx is quite soft when compared to other stones such as granite. As a result, a lot of care needs to be exercised while working on them. You may expect slight scratches and dullness after regular use. But, their extreme beauty and unparalleled looks more than compensate for these little concerns. All your onyx worktop would need is little maintenance and gentle handling and cleaning and you are all set to bask in its beauty for several years to come. 

Quartzite Kitchen Worktops in London

Quartzite could be another ideal option available to you if you are looking for a unique, glassy appearance for your kitchen worktop. It is a naturally occurring beautiful stone that is made of crystallized quartz grains. Quartzite is a suitable choice for kitchen worktops as these are high performance surfaces that are resistant to cracks and weathering. If used with little care and if maintained properly, worktops made of quartzite continue to look stunning for several years.

Quartzite Kitchen Worktops

Available in myriad options with respect to textures, patterns, and colors, their physical sturdiness and unmatched elegance make these ideal for your home.

Porcelain Kitchen Worktops in London

Porcelain worktops are a great option for contemporary kitchen décor because of their sleek design. Made by compressing natural materials such as sand and clay and then baking them at very high temperature, porcelain worktops are available in a wide range of options. These are not only highly durable but also extremely heat and flame resistant. The worktops offer a seamless surface that makes them complement your kitchen décor and style in a flawless manner.

Porcelain Kitchen Worktops

With all these varied options available, it is quite natural for one to get confused. This is where some of the leading suppliers of kitchen worktops in London may help you. These Companies not only offer a comprehensive range of work surfaces, but also provide their expert service in helping you choose the worktop that will work best in your kitchen. Partnered with leading stone suppliers in London, these Companies have a team of specialists to guide you through all available options with respect to material, finish, design, and color. After all, a kitchen is incomplete without a complementing worktop that is both functionally and aesthetically suitable for you and your lifestyle.

If you are looking for a suitable kitchen work surface for your home, you may want to choose a reputed supplier that deals with the top brands in the market. These may include Silestone worktops in London, Caesarstone in London, Technistone in London, Diresco worktops London, and Compac quartz worktops to name a few. These brands are well-known when it comes to providing the best quality stone at highly competitive prices.

Some leading stone suppliers and dealers also offer their services to manage and execute the entire installation process at affordable prices. Their installation experts ensure a hassle-free and mess-free installation whenever and wherever you wish in London.

Erin Emanuel