Do It Yourself: Decorations Useful For Your Kitchen


Would you like to give a new look to your kitchen without spending much money? The best solution is making your own decorations. From curtains to paintings, there are thousands of simple accessories you can add to your kitchen to completely transform its look, but what if you want to create something that has other uses outside of decorating? Here I share some ideas that not only make your kitchen look great, but can also be helpful in everyday use.DIY Kitchen

Your kitchen is probably the control center of the house, so a calendar is absolutely necessary. Paper calendars are the most common option, but also a very functional, as you have to buy new ones every year. A better option is to make your own calendar in which you can write and erase markers when needed.

CalendarThis can be done quickly with a medium or large sized picture frame. Leave room to write the days of the week and the month. Write on the glass with a water marker and erase whatever you want with a damp cloth. Avoid creating a mess on your calendar.


The slates are making a comeback, and they have found their places almost everywhere in the house. Why not put one in your kitchen to write the weekly menu, messages to members of your family or include your shopping list? This decoration is easy using chalkboard spray paint. As a basis you can use a photo frame (and paint the glass), a section of your wall, cabinet or cupboard door. The chalkboard spray paint can be used on almost any surface, but be sure to read the instructions before you start. You will need two coats of paint to ensure that your slate is better quality, and do not forget to let it dry for at least 24 hours.

Vase with glass bottles


The Mason jars are another decoration that is being used for almost everything from hanging lights to flower vases. In your kitchen, you can use them to store your knives or ladles of cooking. To convert from a simple looking jar with a beautiful decorative piece, you can best use your imagination and creativity. You can paint them, put tapes or decorate with colored paper caps.


Dishcloths are the most helpful stuff for a homemaker, but instead of using the same white and boring dishcloth, why do not you make one with your favorite fabrics? Choose a fabric that matches your decor and turn them from tablecloths and towels, to aprons and napkins. This is a good way to add texture to your decor, using patterns, colors and different types of fabrics.Dish Clothes

Another idea is to paint your own dishcloths using fabric paint, so you can create your own designs. If you want to use fabrics that are available at home, you can give a new look by having them in different colors.


If you are using herbs for cooking, you might want to plant some in your kitchen. Most can be grown in the interiors and are a perfect decoration for kitchens. Use a small container for each plant. You can use glass jars, small pots or plastic containers. Decorate the pots with paint or other decorations. Not only the herbs are a good decoration, but also help clean the air and impart fragrance.Herbs

More tips

• Keep all the pots, pans, and other utensils in a cabinet near the stove so you can cook more comfortably. Use an organizer or drawer to keep the lids apart.

• Organize your kitchen items by category.

• Keep important utensils such as skimmers, knives and spoons at your fingertips. You can put them in a glass or jar near the stove or where you are most comfortable.


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